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Setting up a project takes a lot of time, so I created create-web3 to help others quickly get a starting point to either test an idea or build their dapp.

I hope this helps you get up and going quickly and so you can focus on creating something great! 😃

Get started by running in your terminal

npx create-web3

This guide is a work in progress


Current Version Version

When using npx create-web3 you are saving this package locally on your machine. To check the current version on your machine

npx create-web3 --version

To install the latest version

npm install --global create-web3


This project was created as a quick start boilerplate for developing web3 apps and deploying smart contracts.

The bolierplate sets up a monorepo that keeps the front-end environment and the contract environment seperate from each other. The advantage to setting up in this way, is that packages and libraries are kept seperate, and reduces clutter when developing.

The goal of this boilerplate is to give you the options of frameworks and quickly set up a lean starting point to test or build an idea.


This project is built with the following open source libraries, frameworks and languages. User choice of framework used, available in plain js or typescript.

------------ React Frontend Environment ------
Next JSReact Framework
Vite JSNext Generation Frontend Tooling
------------ CSS Framework ------
TailwindA utility-first CSS framework
ChakraA simple, modular and accessible component library that gives you the building blocks you need to build your React applications.
------------ Ethereum Development Environment ------
HardhatEthereum development environment for professionals
Foundrya blazing fast, portable and modular toolkit for Ethereum application development written in Rust
------------ Included Libraries ------
WAGMIA set of React Hooks for Web3
RainbowKitRainbowKit is a React library that makes it easy to add wallet connection to your dapp.


If you find a bug, an error in the docs, or have a suggestion, please go to ISSUES and open a new issue.


If you have questions how to use, want to suggest a feature, or show off a project you created with create-web3, join discussions on GitHub. I would love to hear from you. 🙂